Best Hotels in Pulau Weh 2023: Top Sabang Resorts

Looking for the best hotels in Pulau Weh for your travel style? From fancy Sabang resorts to laidback budget guesthouses, we’ve done all the research and found the very best Pulau Weh accommodation for your trip to Sumatra.

Tropical island paradise here we come! Pulah Weh (Weh Island – often referred to as Sabang after its main town) is a picture-perfect island just off the northernmost tip of Sumatra, part of the autonomous province of Aceh.

Pulau Weh is ideal for snorkelling, diving, exploring via scooter, or just getting some decent rest and relaxation. Find more awesome Pulau Weh activities in our post: 6 Awesome Things to Do in Pulau Weh.

Even though Weh Island is pretty small, there are plenty of Pulau Weh resorts, guesthouses, and homestays to choose from.

In this blog, we’ll help you pinpoint the best place to stay in Pulau Weh for your holiday, starting with a brief guide of the different areas, and then moving on to our top Pulau Weh hotel picks.

Have a read, click that book button, and start packing for the beach holiday of your dreams in Sumatra.

Disclosure: The hotels listed here are affiliate links. That means if you click on a link and book a hotel, we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you!)
However, we have always paid out of our own pockets to stay at any accommodation, and all opinions are from our extensive research and our own experiences. We are not paid to promote any of these hotels and would not recommend them if we didn’t genuinely believe they are great places to stay!


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Pulau Weh Picks

Where to Stay in Pulau Weh - Best Areas

Pulau Weh resorts, homestays, guesthouses and hotels are scattered throughout the entire island (mostly on the coast, for obvious reasons) but there are several key areas where most visitors gather.

If you’re confident riding a scooter or willing to book a becak (motorcycle taxi) or driver for a tour, you can quite easily get around the island in a day. (It’s only 120sq km/46 sq miles). But if not, you’ll want to carefully choose a spot that fits your needs.

Here’s a guide to four of the most popular areas to stay in Pulau Weh (although some of the best hotels in Pulau Weh are outside of these areas, so make sure you scroll down to our reviews to check them all out!)

Iboih Beach - Pantai Iboih

A shot taken of turqouise water with forest covered islands in the distance
Photo courtesy of benbeiske on Flickr

Iboih Beach is the most popular area for tourists to stay on Pulau Weh. Lined with guesthouses, souvenir shops, and small restaurants, this stretch of coastline is best for solo travellers looking to meet others.

The “white-sand” section of Iboih beach is only 150 metres long, but the rocky shoreline around the coast is one of the best places to snorkel on Pulau Weh.

Not only is there fantastic snorkelling right in front of many Pulau Weh hotels and homestays in Iboih, but you can also jump on a boat and reach the marine sanctuary and coral gardens of Rubiah Island in just a few minutes.

This is the perfect area for those interested in diving in Pulau Weh. While it is likely to be one of the busier, more social spots on the island, it remains a peaceful haven rather than a party place due to the nature of the island and its people.

Iboih (and neighbouring Gapang, below) are about a 45-minute drive from Balohan Port (where you’ll arrive and leave the island from). Getting here is easy with becak (motorcycle taxi) or car hire.

Iboih Beach and Rubiah Island are popular with local and international tourists alike, so it’s recommended to cover up when swimming or snorkelling in these areas.

Best Hotels in Iboih at a Glance

Gapang Beach - Pantai Gapang

A white sand beach with turquoise water and two traditional fishing boats on the shore.

Just around the corner from Iboih Beach (about a 10-minute drive) lies the peaceful and picturesque Gapang Beach. It’s a little quieter than Iboih but offers similar diving and snorkelling opportunities.

There are fewer accommodations to choose from than in Iboih, and most of them are dive resorts.

It is possible to swim in a bikini here, but be guided by what your guesthouse recommends. If there are many local tourists around, play it safe and throw on a T-shirt and shorts.

Best Hotels in Gapang at a Glance

Sumur Tiga Beach - Pantai Sumur Tiga

Turquoise oceans meet a white sand beach with palm trees curving up to the sky

Located to the north of Pulah Weh, Pantai Sumur Tiga (aka Sumur Tiga Beach) may not be as built-up as the areas mentioned above, but it is a gorgeous spot with several beautiful excellent Pulau Weh resorts to choose from.

This stretch of white sand beach is only a 5-minute drive from central Sabang city, and just 25 minutes from Balohan Port (where you’ll arrive and depart on the ferry). It’s handy if you need to drop into town for some supplies, visit the bustling fruit and vegetable markets, or have a coffee or meal at a local warung (small restaurant).

Snorkelling is not bad at Sumur Tiga (although not nearly as good as what’s on offer over at Iboih Beach or Rubiah Island), but there is no diving in this area.

Staying here won’t give you access to lines of shops and cafes, but it’s great if you want a peaceful spot to relax during your time in Weh Island. Plus, the slightly busier vibe over at Iboih and Gabang Beaches are only a 50-60 minute (and very picturesque) scooter ride away.

Swimming in a bikini is permitted in front of the resorts, but choosing to do so is a matter of comfort. It may depend on where you are and if there are Indonesian tourists around. If in doubt, play it safe and cover up.

Best Sumur Tiga Hotels at a Glance

Pasir Putih Beach - Pantai Pasir Putih

Pristine white sand beach meeting indigo blue water

Located on the south coast of Pulau Weh, Pasir Putih (which translates to white sand beach) is a slightly more remote area with a local vibe. It’s about halfway between the ferry port and Iboih beach.

You won’t find lines of guesthouses, shops or restaurants here, just a rugged stretch of white-sand beach, that stunning turquoise water, and one or two guesthouses.

There are several local warungs (food stalls) here, but it is quite remote. Swimming in a bikini or swimsuit isn’t recommended as it is more of a local spot.

Best Hotels in Pasir Putih at a Glance

Best Hotels in Pulau Weh, Sumatra

Best Budget Accomodations in Pulau Weh

Price-range below 300,000 IDR (19USD/Euro $30AUD)

Some of the best hotels in Pulau Weh are the budget options! 

While they may not be 5-star, the locations are likely to be just as appealing as the best resorts in Sabang.

Perfect for backpackers, the best budget hotels in Pulau Weh still offer comfy beds, fans, friendly staff, and access to those beautiful Pulau Weh beaches.

Here are our top picks for budget guesthouses in Pulau Weh, in alphabetical order.

Marifi Guesthouse

Location: Pasir Putih on the South coast

 Marifi is the most budget-friendly Pulau Weh accommodation on our list. It has some very positive recent reviews and comes highly recommended by guests who have stayed there in the last year.

While the location may feel a little off the beaten path (it’s a bit of a drive to the more popular tourist areas), the white sand beach in front of this accommodation is a positive!

This is a great spot for those looking for a more local experience. You’ll find plenty of local warungs (small restaurants) nearby where you can enjoy Indonesian food at local prices.

Rooms are cheap and cheerful. Don’t expect luxury for this price, but you can expect a friendly welcome from a lovely family that will help make your stay memorable.

Pleasantly, even the most basic rooms have private bathrooms. You get free toiletries and there’s a fan to keep you cool.

The next tier of rooms have balconies with lovely views, terraces, and air conditioning.

Thumbs Up:

  • Peaceful local vibes with a beautiful beach.
  • Hosts are super friendly and helpful.
  • Rooms are clean.

Thumbs Down:

  • A little removed from tourist amenities, but for those seeking a more authentic local experience, this will suit perfectly.


Olala Cafe and Bungalows

Location: Iboih Beach

 In the heart of Iboih, Olala Bungalows and Restaurant is a well-known budget Pulau Weh guesthouse.

The location is great, just next to Santi Garden Bungalows, and just a few steps from the ocean. Olala has its own private jetty where you can lie in the sun or jump into the water to go snorkelling.

Rooms are basic but nice enough, and some have a hammock to chill in on the front balcony. There are older and newer rooms at Olala in Iboih; guests say the old ones are a bit run-down, but the newer ones are a bit nicer.

The restaurant here serves a standard menu, but recent reviews mention that it is a bit overpriced compared to other tourist restaurants in the area.

WiFi is available.

Thumbs Up:

  • Great location – the private jetty is an awesome touch.

 Thumbs Down:

  • Some guests have mentioned that the rooms are a little rundown and unclean with very worn beds.
  • Reviewers mention overpriced food, tours, and laundry prices.

 A note from us:

While most recent guest reviews reflected people that were happy with their stay, we should mention that we stayed here five years ago and did not have a good experience.

We won’t go into detail, but feel we should be honest and mention that as a mixed local/Western couple, we would not choose to stay here again. 

However, we don’t want to put tourists off, as things may have changed since we stayed, and it has reasonable reviews overall.


Santi Garden Bungalows

Location: Iboih Beach

Located in the bustling little hub of Iboih Beach, Santi Garden Bungalows is handy to everything but still offers a little slice of privacy with its green surroundings and tropical garden. Plus, it’s just metres from the beach.

The price might say budget, but the staff certainly don’t skimp on big smiles and excellent service.

All rooms have cute little sitting areas and private bathrooms – complete with toiletries, towels and linen.

While there is no restaurant on-site, there’s one right next door (at Olala) and several eateries scattered nearby throughout the Iboih area.

Recent reviews rave about the wonderfully helpful staff, who can help you organise scooter tours, transport, dive trips, exchange your currency, advise on immigration visits, and much more.

The property lists WiFi and mosquito nets for all rooms.

Thumbs Up:

  • Friendly and kind management and staff who go out of their way to make you feel at home.
  • Great price.
  • Excellent, quiet location surrounded by trees and close to the beach.
  • Rooms are basic but clean and well-kept.

Thumbs Down:

  • There is no hot water, but for most people, cold showers will be a welcome cool-down!
  • No breakfast option/food on site.


Best Mid-Range Sabang Hotels

Price-range 300,000-600,000 IDR
$30-$60 AUD

Pulau Weh is bursting with excellent mid-range accommodations. Browse through our top picks below and see which one calls your name. (Listed in alphabetical order).

Beu Ceubeh Cottages

Location: West Coast of Sabang (about 15 min drive from Iboih/Gapang

This little gem is very well-rated, nice and private, yet not too far from the snorkelling hotspots on Pulau Weh.

Perched on a low hill just above the coast, these quaint little rooms are surrounded by trees and boast beautiful sea views.

Rooms have air conditioning and free WiFi.

There is a restaurant on-site and a modest private beach area.

Thumbs Up:

  • The serene location allows for a perfect island escape – and the views are the cherry on top!
  • Reviewers are impressed with the clean rooms and friendly staff.

Thumbs Down:

  • There aren’t any obvious downsides to this place (although there aren’t so many recent reviews to go off). For social travellers, this may not suit as there is not much going on in the area.


Freddies Santai Sumur Tiga

Location: Sumur Tiga Beach

Freddies Sabang was once famously the best place to stay on Pulau Weh. We’ve stayed there three times (and loved it) but have not been since the pandemic.

While the location is still lovely and there are plenty of positive reviews, Freddie’s doesn’t seem to have the same appeal it once did.

While charming Freddie who used to proudly host the buffet dinners and personally greet all the guests is still reportedly managing this Pulau Weh hotel, it is now owned by someone else, and it seems like some of the much-loved aspects that made this place special are a thing of the past.

Regardless, let’s look at how it is now.

Firstly, the location remains one of the prettiest on Weh Island. Perched above Sumur Tiga Beach and dotted with palm trees, this beautiful spot is great for swimming. Snorkelling is possible, but it’s not as great as Iboih and Rubiah.

The property has a restaurant and bar (alcohol can be difficult to find here in Sabang, but Freddie’s is one of the few places you can have a Bintang or a cocktail) and its own private beach area.

Rooms are simple, although we recommend ensuring you book one with an ocean view to make the most of your time here.

Recent reviews say the food is good, and people are happy with the array services, such as scooter rental, ferry tickets, transport, and massage.

All rooms have private bathrooms, and free WiFi is available throughout the property.

Thumbs Up:

  • Amazing location scenery-wise – those sea views are breathtaking!
  • Lovely beach to wander and some epic sunrises/sunsets.
  • Great food at the on-site restaurant.

 Thumbs Down:

  • One of the biggest downsides according to some recent international guests is the lack of privacy. Apparently, Freddies has become a popular place for local tourists (not just hotel guests, but daytrippers too) to visit to take photos and make videos etc.
  • Some foreign guests have mentioned feeling like a tourist attraction when trying to relax, with a lot of attention on them from the local visitors. This is quite normal for foreigners travelling around Sumatra, but can be a little exhausting when you are trying to relax and enjoy time in your hotel.
  • A number of recent reviews comment on the lack of cleanliness in the rooms and bathrooms.
  • Bear in mind you’re a 45-minute drive away from the popular snorkelling/diving areas, and other than the lovely beach, there’s not a lot else to see and do in this area.


Pulau Weh Paradise

Location: Pasir Putih on the South coast

The double rooms at Pulau Weh just make it into our “budget” category, but at current listed prices, the bungalows would slot into the low range of the high-end hotels section. We’ve split the difference and popped this gorgeous Sabang hotel into the mid-range section.

As one of the highest-scoring properties on, Pulau Weh Paradise definitely lives up to its name.

Looking out over the bluest of blue oceans, this clean and crisp accommodation will give you the tropical island holiday of your dreams

The budget rooms are supplied with towels and linen, but you will be sharing a bathroom with other guests. Rooms are simple but clean, with comfy beds and a closet for your luggage. Don’t expect epic views from the cheapest rooms though; you’ve just got a humble window to peek out of.

The deluxe budget rooms are a bit bigger with a sea view out of the generous-sized windows.

Beach-front bungalows look absolutely stunning, offering gorgeous sea views from the private patio and expansive windows. They also feature air-con, WiFi, and ensuite bathrooms.

There’s a restaurant on site and free WiFi in shared areas.

The location could be a plus or minus, depending on what you’re looking for. It’s in a less touristy area, so not handy to shops, tourist restaurants and activities.

But this could be perfect for those looking for a bit of a retreat – and don’t forget, travelling by scooter on Pulau Weh is fast and easy.

Thumbs Up:

  • Gorgeous views of the white-sand beach right in front of the property – private and peaceful.
  • Recent guest reviews mention the nice bathrooms, comfy beds, and helpful, welcoming staff.
  • The food is well-liked. 

Thumbs Down:

  • Some guests complained about unreliable WiFi.
  • While the beach is gorgeous, it’s not really suitable for snorkelling.
  • Several older reviews mention smelly bathrooms and ants in the room.


SeaGate Bungalows

Location: Just down the road from Gapang Beach

More beachfront bungalows on a tropical island? Don’t mind if we do! This Pulau Weh guesthouse has clean, crisp rooms featuring balconies and garden views.

Fall asleep to the sounds of the waves lapping the shore (under the comfort of a mosquito net, of course).

All have private bathrooms (with hot water), free toiletries, filtered water,  fans, mini-fridges, desks and a kettle with tea and coffee.

There’s free WiFi and a private beach area to enjoy (fine for bikinis and swimsuits). Even better, there are some great reefs just off shore for snorkelling.

Breakfast and dinner are provided on request, and at the time of writing this, a new restaurant is just about completed on the property.

While there aren’t that many reviews for this Pulau Weh accommodation, the vast majority are glowing!

Thumbs Up:

  • Guests rave about the lovely hosts, Borja and Yuyun. They are super friendly, welcoming and helpful with anything you need – from getting a local SIM card to hiring a scooter.
  • The hosts are both experienced divers, so can help if you want to experience diving in Pulau Weh.
  • Your host Borja speaks French, Spanish, and English.

Thumbs Down:

  • No reviews had a single negative thing to say!
  • Just bear in mind that you’ll need a scooter if you want to check out shops, restaurants and busier areas; however, it’s only a short ride (15 minutes) away from Iboih and Gapang, and there are scooters available for hire here.


Best Pulau Weh Resorts

Price range 600,000 IDR and above
36+ USD/Euro
$60+ AUD

Want the full tropical island luxury experience? You need to check out our top two beautiful resorts in Pulau Weh.

Casa Nemo Beach Resort and Spa

Location: Sumur Tiga Beach

 Just a short drive from the main town of Sabang, Casa Nemo Beach Resort is one of the best hotels in Pulau Weh.

This beautiful Pulau Weh resort has sprawling grounds with well-kept gardens, a lovely restaurant, a beachside bar, and a children’s playground.

There is free WiFi in the restaurant that covers nearby rooms, but it doesn’t reach the bungalows.

Rooms are fitted with lock boxes, fans, fridges, and filtered water (hot and cold). You can even get a massage on-site.

Guests love the great food on offer, including the tasty continental breakfast.

The cottages are lovely and private, featuring balconies with hammocks to snooze on. If you feel like checking out the underwater world, there’s decent snorkelling right out front.

Thumbs Up:

  • Lovely private beach with snorkelling on offer.
  • Great restaurant and super friendly, helpful staff.

Thumbs Down:

  • Overall, this place is highly-rated, with very few negative comments overall (only a few post-COVID regarding slightly shabby décor).
  • Once again, if you’re a solo traveller looking to make friends, you might prefer the livelier Iboih area, but for those looking for a fancy Sabang resort, this is the one to go for!


Hawk's Nest Resort

Location: To the North of the island, 15 minutes from Sabang town

 The Hawk’s Nest is an attractive property with its own peaceful, private white-sand beach area.

Rooms are spacious, airy, and bright, featuring wardrobes, ac, private bathrooms and patios with garden views.

Hawk’s Nest Resort Pulau Weh has a beautiful garden area and those to-die-for ocean views that you came to the island for! There’s also a good restaurant that offers delicious food at a reasonable price.

Thumbs Up:

  • Friendly, accommodating staff.
  • Lovely gardens.
  • Private beach area for water activities
  • Several reviews make special mention of the delicious pizza!

 Thumbs Down:

  • There aren’t many recent reviews to go by, but most guests only have positive comments.
  • Bear in mind that this place is located around 40 minutes from Iboih/Gapang areas, so if you want to do anything other than relax in the sun and swim at the beach, then you’ll need transport to get around and be social.


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